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Bundle Product: Mini Generator Speaker MG01 + HiFi Neckband AKY19




  • Model: AKEKIO AKY19
  • BT Version: V5.0
  • TFT SD: Supported
  • Battery Type: 30mAh each bud
  • 300mAh Charger Box
  • Music Play Time: Up to 4.5 Hours
  • Stand-by Time: Up to 100 Hours
  • Power: 5mw

Also Vist: AKEKIO ML10 Power bank 10000mAh

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  1. Antoniotrorn

    1 Generators need to be set like 60-100 feet away from the speakers and subwoofer; otherwise, you will mostly hear the generator.

  2. Antoniotrorn

    With those speakers I have, 2000W with 1.5 gallon gets me through the night comfortably, running sound and light for beach or woods party. Understand that most generators are there for the RV market. It also included 10 American DJ led pars, and approximately 5,000 individual led programmable pixels, plus a laptop, and a few flashlight chargers.

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