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AKEKIO brand was born for power bank designed by E-Young company. It is positioned for the high-end,
commercial, and excellence .The main AKEKIO color is dominated red and white. Red color represents passion and enthusiasm; white color stands for elegance and simplicity.
AKEKIO designs language elements, with leather as the theme, with metal as the decoration. Collision of colors and technology, heritage boutique.


With the rapid development of the internet,A group of young people with passion and Dreams gather.Because the dream created the same ideal,the same ideal,the same obsession or negation.Inheriting Craftsman Spirit Giving birth to each High level classic electronic products with the Heart of Craftsman,Elaborating the Classic Beauty between Leather and Metal Technology,Perfectly Combine the Simplicity and Fashion.Illustrating Products—Experience beyond what you see!All because of Persistence—Belief.

AKEKIO is born for an outstanding you

5+ overseas
46 countries & regions
 in the world
86 products
Number of cooperative
customers reaches 1,000

Development History

Jan 1st,2004

Lecheng leather CO,LTD was established in Dongguan city

Dec 6th 2004

Our company entered Shenzhen South China International Industrial Materials City

October 2007

Guangzhou Guanglecheng Technology Co,Ltd was officially established


We set up International E-Commerce Department for Alibaba customers’Service

Jan 17 2014

Shenzhen AKEKIO Technology was born and the factory mainly focus on researching and manufacturing power bank


The brand was born,named AKEKIO.Brand mission:Born for power bank.


Guangzhou EYOUNG Technology Co, Ltd was established,successfully entered Nan sha Free Trade Zone, based on the free and open business carrier,service for all over the world.


AKEKIO Brand Store,located in New Asia international digital city.

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