Warranty Conditions:

If Need Warranty Service , please keep your warranty card safe filled with relevant details, Our Company AKEKIO® will provide 6 Month Official Warranty

The Warranty Scope:

  1. In the normal use of the state of quality problems, non-external damage caused by damage.
  2. Our Company shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience or loss caused by the failure to use the product during the period of maintenance in principle, the product belongs to warranty period , the user does not need to pay the cost, but if human damage will be charged as appropriate testing or parts costs, if the products exceeds warranty period , customer will be charged full for fixing or alternate.
  3. The following situation will not be able to enjoy the Guarantee: Man Made damage, such as improper use, damage caused by errors, the appearance abnormality abrasion , falls , circuit burned, extrusion deformation, the addition of something else, moisture, the product sealing label to to be altered or torn, careless use, improper operation,into the water etc.
  4. Damage Caused by force of nature, such as earthquake, floods , hurricanes or wars will not be claimed in guarantee.

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