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AKEKIO AC17 Travel Charger


PC flame retardant material
With charging cable



Model: AC17

Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.3A – 0.3A max

Size: 45*25*84mm

Net weight: 62g

Accessories: NONE

MEAS: 200pcs / 45*34.5*43.5cm

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  1. Sidra idrees

    Assalamulaikum everyone 😍 this product is amazing kindly guys buy this 👍 best quality 👍 best service 👍 best customer dealing 👍👍👍 May Allah bless you more and more 🙏 JazakalAllah 🥰

  2. Aaliya Muhammad

    V good product

  3. Ghulam Mustafa

    Great quality product
    This is awesome!
    Greatest quality charger 😍🌻😍🌻😍🌻😍🌻😍

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