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AKEKIO – Power Station PES-A9

  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • LED Torch
  • AC – DC Output


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  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • LED Torch
  • AC – DC Output

Electrical parameters


Model PES-A9
Power capacity 307WH±5%
AC Output voltage 220VAC 50HZ
AC Power Rating  

Rated power: 300W, MAX: 350W

Output Waveform Amendment Wave
DC 12V Output Rating 12V 3A
USB Output Rating 5V/2.1A
TYPE C Output 5V/2.1A
Audio power 3W
Audio bandwidth 20HZ-20KHZ
Signal-to-noise ratio 90db
Distortion degree 1%
Work scope 10Meter /10 meters
 Bluetooth profile Bluetooh V4.0
Adapter power 15V/4A
Solar panel power

Solar charging Voltage

18V MAX: 120W
Overpower Protection When load is overloaded, the output is closed and restarted after recovery.
Short-circuit Protection When AC output short circuit, turn off output and restart after recovery
Weight 4.80KG
size Dimension 274.5X261X152.5MM

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  1. Atif Khan

    Please mention the capacity in watthour or mAh of the power station. How bright is the LED light is (lumins)? What is the output of built-in speaker? What are the dimensions? How heavy it is?
    Sadly there is no review video of this model on Internet. Please made one and embed it here so people xan make their purchase decision otherwise no one will spend their hard-earned money here.

    • rizwanhaider

      Please check updated version

  2. Rabia Ahmed

    Wow that’s awesome opportunity..Thank you so much 😍 amazing 💕💓❤️ that’s awesome products I love it 💗

    • rizwanhaider

      Thank You Soo much. Shop again!

  3. ghulammustafagujjar786

    Highly recommended
    Great work
    So best quality products

  4. ghulammustafagujjar786

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    Great quality
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    High quality products Best prices
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  7. Nazia zaman

    Best product

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  9. Tahir

    Best product of AKEKIO amazing brand 100% online trusted superb quality

  10. salman hussain

    AKEKIO BEST Quality Products and their customer care services is outstanding.

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