Top 5 Headphones for Battle Royale Games
rizwanhaider on Apr, 05, 2021

Battleground games are always a treat to watch and a pleasure to play. COD, PUBG, Battlefield, Fortnite, and Free Fire are some popular battle Royale games currently in the hub. These games become even more amusing and wonderful when a good sound quality headphone is used. The better the sound quality you use, the better you hear the footsteps, and thus can compete easily.  Now, you must be wondering which headphone should you use for such gaming. Not to worry, here we will render some best and top-rated headphones for Battle Royale Games. Let’s begin the list. 

AKEKIO BH01 Headphone

With no curiosity, Akekio Headphones tops the chart. Akekio offers a variety of headphones including wireless, as well as, USB headphones.  In terms of price, they are still unmatchable and convenient to buy for everyone. The wireless headphone encompasses premium PU leather earmuffs that provide strong bass and HD Mic. Because of it, you can hear micro-level sounds clearly during gaming. Akekio BH01 requires just 2 hours to charge, and in reply, it can continuously run for 20 hours. If your device allows connecting wireless headphones, then surely Akekio is the best choice for gaming and communication.  

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EKSA Stereo Sound

You cannot ignore EKSA Stereo Sound when it comes to gaming. This headphone is generally built for PUBG and games similar to it. The headphone offers low latency, noise cancellation, crystal clear sound, and a detachable mic. The price is also affordable. Well, under 2000, EKSA Stereo Sound Headphone isn’t a bad option at all. Moreover, it is light in weight and the length of the wire is long enough to sit comfortably anywhere.

Cosmic Byte GS410

The next on the list is Cosmic Byte GS410, the best option for extremely low budget consumers. Cosmic comes with a cushion head and ear-pads. Its looks are also impressive, as it comes with a combination of Red and Black colour. In simple words, it completely gives a gamer sentiment on a relatively low budget. The only Con that some user might face in Cosmic Byte GS410 is that its keys sometimes do not work properly.

Boat Rockerz 400

A perfect combination of affordable price, balanced sound quality, and the vibration is what Boat Rockerz 400 provides. The built-in 40mm drivers in this headphone are the actual reason behind its HD sound and super bass. Even though the ear-pads quality needs to be improved, but still it comes in the market with a 1-year warranty. You can find up to 4 colours in Boat Rockerz 400.

Kotion Each Over G2000

Surely the best wireless headphones to give a pure gamer look is Kotion Each Over G2000. Its colour combination of Blue and Black along with LED lights in it and a separate lighted microphone makes it one of the most attractive Gaming headphones for battle Royale games. Not only in looks but also the material used in the Ear-pads is soft and comfortable for long hour gaming. 

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