AKEKIO Expansion Plan in 2021
rizwanhaider on Jun, 07, 2021

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Transforming a small business into a large organization is no piece of cake. Amidst the global pandemic (COVID-19) and economic recession, when most small businesses struggle for survival, a few are playing the big game to expand their reach to millions.

The goal of business expansion is to contribute to the country’s economic growth and ensure a stable and profitable future. We are talking about none other than Akekio, Pakistan. It is one of the top 3 Pakistani businesses dealing with mobile accessories and parts.

What is Akekio?

As mentioned, Akekio is Pakistan’s №1 business based in the heart of the country, Lahore. The company offers amazing variety and prices of all mobile and gadget-related accessories such as:

What makes Akekio a unique business from others? The company has a full-fledged eCommerce website/online shopping store (in addition to a physical store) that allows millions of customers to shop their desired products at the most affordable prices.

Moreover, the availability of a product in stock is always guaranteed. Akekio never disappoints customers with stock-outs and inventory problems. People can use their mobile phones or computers to visit https://akekio.pk/ and shop thousands of items online. The good news is, delivery is quick and hassle-free for all customers to satisfy their needs.

But that is just the beginning, not the end. Read along for the fantastic expansion plans of the company in 2021 and beyond.

Expansion Plans beyond Reality

Being a growth-oriented company, Akekio has always been at the forefront of innovation and satisfaction. Due to customers’ phenomenal growth for over many years, the company has made plans to put in some huge investments into their infrastructure and human resources to develop as a full-fledged business organization.

To achieve its mission and vision to become Pakistan’s №1 mobile accessories business (both online and in-store), its management has been excellent plans to build a culture that builds trust and cares about its customers. Now, in three to five years, the company aims to follow successful companies’ leadership model and rise to the top.

The company’s strategy is to utilize the available resources (both human and financial) and create a sustainable future. The company is proud to say that it has confidence in its past accomplishments; now, a bigger future awaits, even in the middle of the global recession.

Investing in the Best Human Resources

The company has learned many lessons in the past years. The company’s greatest power is to learn from its experience and execute strategies to improve its products and sales. Since the company’s biggest power is its skilled and competent human resource team, the firm aims to invest in them to develop their skills to achieve bigger goals.

Human resource development plans include training, courses, and personal development plans. Moreover, the company also aims to conquer the niche market by meeting savvy customers in Pakistan who demand quality with affordability. Therefore, investing in human resources and product will diversity the company.

The growth strategy involves:

  • Choosing the right business plan
  • Setting benchmarks

Activities and Participations

Being a successful business, the company aims to duplicate its success by taking part in:

  • Trade shows
  • Online competitions
  • Job fairs
  • Social events

This will allow Akekio to have broader recognition and create new networking opportunities.

Akekio Is Focusing on Helping People Shine

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